Stir-Fry Scrimps with Pepper & Tofu

Bret made a comment, “You have not been cooking dinner lately…” Well, we were overseas and last week he was having a sale retreat.. so here goes…

Red & Yellow Pepper

Beautiful colour for veg and it was fun slicing Pepper. That’s with the help of Gordon Ramsay clip on youtube.



1. Marinate Scrimps with 2 Tbsp of Cooking Wine & Cornflour, 1 Tsp of Salt for 1 hr in refrigerator then 20 mins in room temperature.

2. Grate Ginger, Cut 2 stalks of Spring onion (green) and Slice Red & Yellow Pepper

3. Heat oil in wok and pan fry sliced tofu then put aside once cooked.

4. Saute Grated Ginger, Cut Spring Onion, Sliced Red & Yellow Pepper and stir fry for 3mins.

5. Finally, add scrimps and cooked tofu and stir fry till cooked.

6. Thicken gravy with cornflour mixture


Yummy. Bret is not a seafood lover but I could see him enjoying the dish. I love the inviting colour of this dish and pepper goes really well with scrimps. There’s so many ways of cooking scrimps… I wanna try cereal and butter next time.

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