Leia and her Little Friends

While the mummies and daddies were busy with adult topics, the toddlers were happily occupied in the playroom. They love the Mother Garden toys I bought for Leia and it took them no less than 5 mins to mess up the room. We let them be and it was nice to see the little kids working like a team with mummies to keep all the toys.

I took out Leia’s crayon box and distributed papers to the kids.  The kids knew exactly what to do…Colouring Time!


The kids were cooperative in keeping this activity neat. Levonne (third from left) is an amazingly sensible 4 year old. Caring and gentle, she makes a good role model to Leia and Shevon as she display great love to her little brother, Geron. B and I noticed the quiet little boy to be very observant and wise like their parents.

And 28 months old Shevon is extremely bubbly and talkative. She is  always smiling widely and seizes every opportunity to learn new words from adults’ lips.


Next, we moved on to the living room. Mummies were trying to take picture of the kids sitting on sofa and we have Cheeky Shevon running away from the camera.


The best we can get! Adults cheers and Toddlers twist 🙂


With Smart TV, I looked up Incy Wincy on youtube. The kids began to sing and dance …

In Part I, Geron was observing the moves and in Part II (Above), he brings a contagious joy in his dance.

Planning the next dinner and playdate.

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