Dinner by B & S

Once in a while, B applies leave to spend an entire day with me. With limited annual leaves, she reminded me several times in the morning about the importance of every min. B dreads the feeling of wasting her leave.


We were supposed to bake cheesecake together and relax with afternoon swim, manicure before meeting Edward and Sasi. However, there was a last min change of plan as Sasi had just returned from Ireland and he was having jet-lag.

Glenn & Peony

So instead of getting ingredients for cheesecake, we met Glenn and Peony for breakfast at Coffee Bean. Then the gentleman in black-framed glasses suggested dinner at my place. So B & I did grocery shopping at Cold Storage. We love the new “Self-Check Out Stations” at Tampines One and B is a pro at this.


Busy in the Kitchen

From 2pm-5pm, two best friends preparing dinner for 6 Adults and 4 toddlers. Cooking is a wonderful team bonding activity these days and I enjoyed every moment of it. At 5pm, both of us went to pick up our daughters & her helper from school. Returned to my place, continued cooking. The last dish was marinated pork chop as I laid the table. 7pm was the time everyone arrived and all set to feast.



Pumpkin Soup
Roast Mushroom with Bacon & Cheese
Juicy Sweet Corn
Roasted Potatoes
Spagetti and Pork Chop
Cream Brulee
Moscato Wine for Adults


Newly bought Guppy Wine Charms came in handy.


Cheers to our Gatherings! Previously Glenn and Beelian had invited me to their places for home cooked food .. alas, my turn! Not to forget my co-chef, B is a remarkable team mate in kitchen. As I cooked, she washed. When I cut, she stirred and fried. It was our first time cooking full course dinner for 10 pax. There was lots of tasting and lots of fun while preparing.

Dinner went well and special thanks to her helper for assisting in the massive cleaning too 🙂

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