Tarts and Tv

Tues evening Bret and I decided to let Leia stayover at my mum place… a weekday night where we can relax and do stuffs we want to do.

What we did

Bret watched tv as I attempted making egg tart from scratch.


I actually used Philips Air Fryer to bake the tarts. The disadvantage is limited space for baking; I could only bake two tarts at a time.  Nevertheless, baking allows me to focus and distress. Also, I love how my house was filled with enticing aroma of buttery crust.


While filling the tart into aluminium foil, dear Mil returned home from work and the first thing she said, “好香啊!” Next was … “both of you put Leia at mum’s place to slack and do own things at home.”
Without Leia at home, mil decided to sleepover at aunt’s place which is 3mins walk away. We took out Moscato to go along with tarts and Suits Season 3…


A random moment of me-time for us. Feeling blessed for everything.

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