Skincare Loots reccomended by Friends

Best Friend B was telling me about Olay Regenerist reccomended by 女人我最大. I was skeptical until I watched the video.

Clean & Supple Facial Skin


Excited to try and pleased with result. My skin felt very clean and soft like baby skin. I like the idea of using the pore cleaner for my neck. Star buy! Available at Guardian Pharmacy and Watsons.

Body Exfoliator

Agnes introduced Sea Salt Scrub.


Its $10 per tube at Sasa. Smells Good & Effective for Smooth Skin.

Leia & Minions

Today I woke up with a headache and I decided to call off my appointments.

Around 1130am, my dear parents brought Leia to my place. It was very nice just hanging out with her in the cozy playroom. Leia asked to do colouring so I asked what does she wants to colour. Her reply, “Minions”. I googled and printed a minions colouring sheet.

Leia wanted to do coloring in the living room.


From time to time, she would look at the pool and watched children swimming.

After her completed work, Leia asked for a star and picture with minions.


Everyone at home likes this picture very much. Using Blue Tac, I have her work on the wall in her playroom.

Tung Lok Signature with B

Another food entry..  This time with B. We were not really hungry but best friend has cravings for something good.

I ordered Mini Egg Tart. Very pretty, I should do mini tarts at home too.


Followed by Foie Gras… one of my fav thing on earth… despite the process of creating this dish.


Then, theres a dish I would like to try at home. Poached Rice with Crab Meat in Superior Broth.


This is good.


Yums. Best of all, we only paid $15 per pax because B has amex card – dining privileges.

High Tea Buffet with his Family

Aunt Roslyn gave us a buffet treat at Holiday Inn Hotel.

Mil & the aunts love the variety of food. Mainly local & nyonya dishes. Leia was able to sit for 30-40mins eating the food on her plate. When she decided to get off high chair, I served a plate of desserts.


Family gathering is always nice. Leia loves to hang out with kids of her age.
Jaydan & Leia will look for each other and then act cool.

Before they start to run around, I took out the iPad for them to play.


Reluctantly, they took turns. Jaydan proved to be a gentleman 🙂 Leia is a lot better in her attitude towards sharing. Watching her mingle with little ones is pleasurable.

Morning at Gym

Bret is in the mood to sing so… this morning, I went management office to book ktv room. Then, I headed off to gym for morning work out.

Bringing along with me was a Starbucks Tumbler. It was a gift from my dearest H Leia actually.


To H: I had to use this first as my very own tumbler broke. And I have to say, its the best tumbler I ever tried. Even Bret thinks its amazing and quote from him, “Huimin is a very good friend.

Here’s me after Gym! Besides health reason, the motivating factor was to look better in what I wear. If possible, I am trying to hit the gym on a regular basis. For now, morning is best for me and I do a 30 min-work out.


(From Source:  When is the Best Time of Day to Work Out?)

Morning, midday or midnight — when’s the best time to work out?

Well, that depends on when’s the best time for you.

“The best time of the day is when you will do it most consistently, because the benefits of physical activity are tightly linked to the amount you do on a consistent basis,” said Russell Pate, M.D., professor of exercise science in the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

By the way, I love my 2-weeks old eyebrow embroidery done by Amy from No. 1 Salon.