Pasar Bella with H

After tarts and pizza, I suggested an oyster feast at Pasar Bella which is … not far from Carpenter and Cook. H was kind to accompany me again! woohoo… The wholesome market is located at Turf’s Club. Read from online news that the new family lifestyle development was set up in 2012. But.. it may no longer be around after 5 years time.The lease ends in 2018 and housing redevelopment is expected to begin. The lease may not be extended.

Pasar Bella

From the official website:

“Welcome to PasarBella, home to Singapore’s largest community of traders and merchants. Here, you’ll fresh produce, niche food products and craft retailers in the midst of unique personal service providers and homely eateries.

Each and every stall is bursting with flavor, and will delight anyone searching for a true marketplace vibe. We’ve also got special happenings and activities all year round, so you’ll want to keep checking in.”


A place I knew I have to visit. Definitely, one of its kind in Singapore…


Over here, we have a store with superb varieties of organic stuffs.


Shampoo, Body wash, Pet shampoo… etc.. all Organic.


Exploring was fun. I didn’t snap much photo but just google around for reviews and pictures. Alas… Ocean of Seafood.


There’s sushi bar and I saw Sake! Ordered a hot Sake to go along with my Fresh Seafood.


Love what I saw… Crabs!


Boston Lobsters…


And Fresh Oysters… from France, USA and Australia…


We ordered half dozen of Oysters from USA.


Fresh was the word. H tried live oysters before and I was like.. Oh my, you murdered them with your mouth. Just kidding.. I’m going to try live oysters on H’s birthday month.

Here’s salmon sashimi… hmm prefer without skin but well… I think I like roasted salmon better these days.


Will I go back again… Hmm not sure because its far from where I reside. But I’m thankful to have H with me. She makes great companion for novelty hunt.

Pasar Bella

Operating Hours:
9:30am to 7pm
*Some stalls will close at 7pm

PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994

Phone: +65 6887 0077

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