Buzzy Wednesday

Leia’s wish is coming true. Almost every night Leia tells us in her sweetest tone, “I want to go Disneyland, Hong Kong.”  And just how did Leia know about Disneyland? Once, I showed her video clips of the magical place on youtube and since then, she was hoping to meet the Disney Characters in person. The little girl enjoys every the videos related to Disneyland.

For me, I was inspired by Edward when he showed me the pictures of his family trip to Disneyland, Hong Kong. His lovely daughter, Shina asked to visit Disneyland every year and he fulfilled Disneyland, Tokyo in the following year.

Not all fathers are always adventurous. My dear hubby is anti-hassle and travelling is included in his hassle-list. But..for his daughter, hassle aside as its all about creating a wonderful and special family time with our little girl. She is finally going to experience whats like to travel on airplane 🙂

*Special thanks to B for informing me about Cathay Promo. I didn’t get the deal but I was glad to see special promo on Cathay website for POSB/DBS Credit Card Holders.

My hectic morning…

  • Booked Cathay Pacific tickets and Hotel Accommodation for 7 Adults & 1 Child
  • 6 Business Calls (Hospital/Appointment/Follow up)
  • 2 Personal Calls/Whatsapp (HK Trip, Meet ups)

Winding up my stuffs and I just want to do a quick blog in my living room where I could hear the soothing sound of fountain near the pool. Even better when the weather is cooling. It is shaping up to a wonderful wednesday.

Today I am meeting my good friend, Agnes again. Buying her Mushroom Pot lunch at Orchard. The ambience and variety seemed so much better compared to other branch. She can’t wait to have her favourite steamboat..


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