Sunday Afternoon

Many people have told me Leia looks like me but what they didn’t know her personality is very much like Bret. The father and daughter can be shy or sometimes appeared aloof to new faces but once they opened up, they love teasing! Both them seemed to enjoy being challenged. Whenever I ask them to do something they tends to do otherwise. Just imagine, I get Leia to dance for me by telling her “Cannot Dance”. And for Bret, I say “Stop playing that game on your hp.” He went “ok” and then continued for the next hour.

As for the good genes, Leia is systematic like her dad. Its great when I need her to adopt positive habits such as washing hands before meals, cleaning when there’s a mess and etc. I would show her once where to put away her toys and since then, she is synced to pack her toys right where I want them to be.

Having Leia in my life brings me loads of surprises. For months, we were amused by her dramatic expressions and adult-like statements. Yesterday afternoon, it was iPad-iPhone time on bed with her daddy. Is that considered bonding? Both of them leaning side by side to each other playing their own apps. Before both of them were off for a nap, I asked Leia to smile for a shot!

The little girl brightened up immediately and smiled like she won lottery! LOL


During their nap, I was doing laundry, housekeeping and preparing dinner. Housewife-Moment like these can be enjoyable for me because like many mothers out there, we just love doing things for our child and … husband, maybe.

Dinner was served. I made Scallop Porridge, Stir-Fry Pork with Spring Onion and Ginger, Onion & Tomato Scrambled Eggs and Mushroom with Bok Choy.


Leia is a Pork-Floss lover and Dessert was Green Bean with Barley Soup šŸ™‚

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