Zen is here!

Have been considering a furry friend for Leia and bunnies were in the list. KT, a good friend of mine commented the tiles in my living room might be too smooth for rabbit. So… I made a request if Leia and I can meet Zen in real! The wonderful man agreed with joy 🙂

Evening time, KT and Jacqueline arrived with beautiful Zen. The charming lady called out sweetly “Zen Zen…” and the curious bunny began observing the new environment in a shy manner.


Zen is a gift from KT and Jacqueline dotes on her a lot. Their presence filled my house with happiness.

Leia’s Response

She was shy and a little scared. Her previous encounter with rabbit was at farm and they were caged. Knowing Zen is able to hop out of the carrier, Leia hid behind me a few time. But Zen didn’t, she waited patiently for the couple’s que. KT and Jacqueline bought wheat grass for Zen and they let Leia try feeding. My girl was more than happy to feed.

Probably next year.

Thoughtful Gifts

KT and his wife-to-be bought a rabbit soft toy and hello kitty jelly beans for Leia. Too sweet of them. I’m thankful to them for taking time to come over and will be meeting them soon for bbq at my place.

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