Cripsy Prawn & Minced Pork with Onion

Sunday, my afternoon appointment ended early. Since there was time, I prepared two simple dishes for dinner.

A recipe from Taiwan Chef, Ah Ji Shi


1. Marinate the prawns with cooking wine & salt.
2. Deep Fry the prawn for 5-8 secs
3. In non-stick pan, heat onions & garlic and add the prawns
4. Stir-fry with spring onions, cut chillies, 1/3 bowl of (more)pepper & salt.
5. Garnish with Corrainder Leaf before serving

I have never seen Bret ate so many prawns before. He was never fan of prawn..but glad that he likes the dish.

Next, a recipe I learnt from my japanese friend.


1. Marinate minced pork with soy sauce, sake & brown sugar seasoning
2. Heat oil in pan and cut yellow onions.
3. Add & stir fry minced pork and seasoning sauce
4. Pour mirin into the pan and if necessary, add more soy sauce.

Bret says the minced pork was good too and gravy suits Leia šŸ™‚

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