Movie and Family Dinner

Today is Saturday. Afternoon was movie with hubby and daughter at Cathay Cineplax, Downtown EHub. Earlier this week, Leia said many times “I want to watch Despicable Me 2” and her wish fulfilled.

Back home, the two of them took their nap while I prepared dinner. 530pm, my family arrived with more ingredients.

Recipes were goggled. I was very pleased with Fu Yung Egg and its the most tedious of all. I need a bigger frying pan and there were many ingredients involved. I followed a recipe here. My mum, sis and Loren helped me to prepare the ingredients. Picture below was taken after my father and siblings had their dinner.


This week, I did a spontaneous experiemnt- Coffee Spare Ribs. Recipe from Jingle Recipe.


Mil enjoyed this dish very much. She was most happy when I told her I used her CEO instant coffee powered for the marination and sauce. Then… we have Fish Maw with Crab Meat Soup!  Steps were easier than I had imagined. Bret had 3 bowls of soup tonight 🙂


Setting time to have meals with family is important to me. When I was a kid, my parents would take me to Grandpa’s place every Sunday evening. Besides home cooked food, I get to hang out with my cousins too. As a parent now, I set a routine of having my family over for dinner every Saturday night. My siblings would play with Leia and the little girl loves crowd. One of my favourite moment was preparing dinner with my siblings and loren. After dinner, my siblings, Bret and I were watching Crime & Investigations on SCV. Followed by coffee chat with Aunt and mil.

Throughout the night, I was overwhelmed with family unity and its meaningful to me. After my parents and siblings left, Bret asked me to invite his aunt over for dinner. Mil eagerly introduced the dishes cooked by me and before aunt left smiled and said, “So I will come over for dinner everyday Saturday now.” woo.. didn’t see that coming. Next week, I’m thinking of Japanese food.

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