Today and Time

Research shows Mothers are trained in Time Management Skills. No doubt. Doubled with my supposedly-flexible hours job, the feeling is intense.

Yesterday is over.


  • 07.20am Prepare Leia for school
  • 08.00am Prepare myself for work and make bed
  • 09.00am Read news, work emails and confirm business appointments
  • 10.30am Banking Errands (Replacement of Token)
  • 10.45am Pay Credit Card Bills
  • 11.00am Buy & Install Microsoft Office for Macbook Air
  • 11.30am Get Yakitori for Lunch
  • 12.00pm Collect purchase from Susan at Changi
  • 12.30pm Meet Glenn and Peony (Their Off-Day) at my place
  • 15.00pm Collect document from client at Bartley
  • 15.30pm Meet Esther at her Hubby’s gym
  • 17.00pm Pick up Leia
  • 18.00pm Dinner with Family
  • 20.00pm Evening appointment at Tampines Central
  • 21.00pm Aimed to be home with Bret and Leia

Tomorrow will be better.

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