Weaning off Milk Bottle

This month onwards, Leia’s school will wean off milk bottle to prevent baby tooth decay. On Monday, I did not pack her milk powder in the school bag and was curious about my little girl’s reaction in school. Leia always asked for milk before nap and sleep. Last night before bedtime, I sent an email to Teacher M about Leia’s weaning off update.

Earlier on, Teacher M called. According to her, Leia is able to eat independent but lately, assistant teacher have to feed her the last bit of rice and meat. Teacher M told me how she managed to coax Leia to sleep without milk and talked to her the benefits about having more solid food. She encouraged me to reinforce the importance of good nutrients at home.

At the same time, I told her about Leia sleeping and waking up later than before. Teacher M assured me she will talk to Leia about her sleeping time. Previous issues were resolved well in similar manner.

I really like that I am able to work hand-in-hand with her teachers to improve and reinforce positive habits in Leia. In my opinion, its easier than with grandparents. Mothers may know what I mean better. 

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