Aches and Love

Yesterday, I had a terrible shoulder ache. So bad that I can’t move with ease and Leia missed her school bus. Last week, a trainer mentioned the importance of starting the day right. Indeed, the discomfort left me grouchy for most of the day.

Poor Bret was a victim of my negative feelings. I hung up on him twice over the phone. By the third call, he went “Hey you are so rude.” I was dumbfounded knowing my physical discomfort was controlling emotions. Suddenly he was so understanding and it didn’t take me long to realise his patience with me throughout the night.

Leia stayed over at my mum’s place and reached home, we made our own spagetti for dinner. After he was done with the dishes, he offered to massage my back. I acknowledge his care but I know chinese medicated plaster will do. Once again, I smelled like elderly. I burst out laughing hard when he hugged me tight and deeply inhaled the smell of medicated plaster. His face turned from shock to green! LOL That laughing moment marked the end of a gloomy day.

Best part of the night, he was willing to massage my feet with cream. Yeah, I needed moisturiser and it was comforting 🙂

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