Pasar Bella with H

After tarts and pizza, I suggested an oyster feast at Pasar Bella which is … not far from Carpenter and Cook. H was kind to accompany me again! woohoo… The wholesome market is located at Turf’s Club. Read from online news that the new family lifestyle development was set up in 2012. But.. it may no longer be around after 5 years time.The lease ends in 2018 and housing redevelopment is expected to begin. The lease may not be extended.

Pasar Bella

From the official website:

“Welcome to PasarBella, home to Singapore’s largest community of traders and merchants. Here, you’ll fresh produce, niche food products and craft retailers in the midst of unique personal service providers and homely eateries.

Each and every stall is bursting with flavor, and will delight anyone searching for a true marketplace vibe. We’ve also got special happenings and activities all year round, so you’ll want to keep checking in.”


A place I knew I have to visit. Definitely, one of its kind in Singapore…


Over here, we have a store with superb varieties of organic stuffs.


Shampoo, Body wash, Pet shampoo… etc.. all Organic.


Exploring was fun. I didn’t snap much photo but just google around for reviews and pictures. Alas… Ocean of Seafood.


There’s sushi bar and I saw Sake! Ordered a hot Sake to go along with my Fresh Seafood.


Love what I saw… Crabs!


Boston Lobsters…


And Fresh Oysters… from France, USA and Australia…


We ordered half dozen of Oysters from USA.


Fresh was the word. H tried live oysters before and I was like.. Oh my, you murdered them with your mouth. Just kidding.. I’m going to try live oysters on H’s birthday month.

Here’s salmon sashimi… hmm prefer without skin but well… I think I like roasted salmon better these days.


Will I go back again… Hmm not sure because its far from where I reside. But I’m thankful to have H with me. She makes great companion for novelty hunt.

Pasar Bella

Operating Hours:
9:30am to 7pm
*Some stalls will close at 7pm

PasarBella @ The Grandstand Bukit Timah Singapore
200 Turf Club Road Singapore 287994

Phone: +65 6887 0077

Carpenter and Cook with H

The first time I saw blog reviews of Carpenter and Cook as well as Pasar Bella, H came into my mind. In my view, it is always about the right person at the right place. I supposed H is a friend who will enjoy the ambience of both eateries. It was a fine morning when I gave H a ring and told her that we should have lunch at Carpenter and Cook..I was kinda surprised she had not heard of the place.

After H googled about the place, she was all ready to visit the cafe as  she likes vintage. Yeah.. I was fortunate to have her! Its only when she was in my car then I realised this lady is familiar with Upper Bukit Timah. Although Bret knows the way there, he will never understand the need to travel around for nice places.

Carpenters and Cook

Source from their Website:

“Carpenter & Cook is a vintage home store and artisan bakery café, located in Upper
Bukit Timah, Singapore. We have a range of carefully curated vintage furniture,
home decor, as well as fresh home-made baked goods and confectionery.

We also provide dessert tables, styling services, vintage props and decor for weddings, 
parties, photoshoots and more! Step into our cosy little shop and be transported 
back in time, to days of yore, long gone by…”


Always wanted to own a vintage rotary phone..silver or chrome in colour to be specific. Yet to find one…


I was never a fan of pastries. Many ladies have sweet tooth but I am more into sambal and seafood. Heehee However, the freshly homemade taste is heavenly…Both H & I shared the pizza and we were pretty full after. Never see that coming.. Pastries for lunch!


I have always love English-looking plates… planning to get them soon. There are tea sets available for sale and the one I like.. $35 for the cup and plate 😦 Btw, I’ve got a new Coffee Maker. Thanks to my new friend, Vincent.

And the popular tarts ! Yummy yummy …


Look at her smile… busy instagram-ing. So was I !


H says its Passionfruit Meringue Tart. This is good.


Ordered Latte for myself. Love everything on the table… for lunch.


Operating Hours are: 
Tuesdays – Fridays: 12pm – 10pm
Saturdays: 10am – 10pm
Sundays: 10am – 7pm
Closed on Mondays

19 Lorong Kilat #01-06 Singapore 598120
Ring us at 6463 3648

Note: They only take reservations for groups of 6 and above during weekdays and operate a walk-ins only policy during the weekends.

Buzzy Wednesday

Leia’s wish is coming true. Almost every night Leia tells us in her sweetest tone, “I want to go Disneyland, Hong Kong.”  And just how did Leia know about Disneyland? Once, I showed her video clips of the magical place on youtube and since then, she was hoping to meet the Disney Characters in person. The little girl enjoys every the videos related to Disneyland.

For me, I was inspired by Edward when he showed me the pictures of his family trip to Disneyland, Hong Kong. His lovely daughter, Shina asked to visit Disneyland every year and he fulfilled Disneyland, Tokyo in the following year.

Not all fathers are always adventurous. My dear hubby is anti-hassle and travelling is included in his hassle-list. But..for his daughter, hassle aside as its all about creating a wonderful and special family time with our little girl. She is finally going to experience whats like to travel on airplane 🙂

*Special thanks to B for informing me about Cathay Promo. I didn’t get the deal but I was glad to see special promo on Cathay website for POSB/DBS Credit Card Holders.

My hectic morning…

  • Booked Cathay Pacific tickets and Hotel Accommodation for 7 Adults & 1 Child
  • 6 Business Calls (Hospital/Appointment/Follow up)
  • 2 Personal Calls/Whatsapp (HK Trip, Meet ups)

Winding up my stuffs and I just want to do a quick blog in my living room where I could hear the soothing sound of fountain near the pool. Even better when the weather is cooling. It is shaping up to a wonderful wednesday.

Today I am meeting my good friend, Agnes again. Buying her Mushroom Pot lunch at Orchard. The ambience and variety seemed so much better compared to other branch. She can’t wait to have her favourite steamboat..


First BBQ at Dlb Bay

The idea of gathering with my secondary school came about when KT asked me about Huiting and the rest … in the pictures with me below 🙂


Melissa, my gf with extreme x-factor.


I booked the electrical BBQ Pit and B told me that it reminded her of “The Sims”. lol It was wonderful catching up with them and long time since we did bbq together. 那些年…


Group Photo at the BBQ area


Part two was drinking session at my place. Cheers with Best Friends.


Then, my girls. Leia & the ladies mingled well.


There’s my guests who brought endless joy to the house. We did not play any games…but just casual chat and we were laughing hard many times.


Btw, Janson & KT are cousins. That adds to more warmth in the house. Overall, a memorable night for all of us.

Look forward to next meet up soon.

Friday Night with H & T

Time to hang out with my dearest H also known as Min Min to Terence aka MR.T (MRT) I ordered Pelican for our dinner and hope its not boring for H..cos it seemed like we always have wings and pizza during our meet up. Wasn’t the best host that night because I was preparing food for BBQ next day… And the two angels offered their kindness to help me 🙂
Seriously, H and T are the kindest people I ever known and pretty sure, people in their life feels the same. In case you are wondering what are they doing…It was the preparation of Asparagus wrapped by Bacon. Did a test run with my Philips Air Fryer… Before frying, I topped the nicely wrapped Asparagus with Freshly Ground Black Pepper.
Goes really well with beer! Thanks H for bringing Somersby Apple Cider.

Changi City Point with my Parents

The nearest mall to my place is Changi City Point…and I am begining to love this place. My mum too.


Coco Chanel once said “Fashion Fades, only Style Remains the Same.” Totally.. As the years goes by, its no longer about getting clothing that look beautiful on the mannequins or models in the magazine. Its about finding the style that best defines myself. My main agenda of going to Changi City Point was to install the MS Office into my MacBook Air… but… my eyes were attracted to the dresses in this particular store. Two new dresses into my wardrobe! As for my mum, she was thrilled to find her Style in the mall as well …and happily shopped like a tourist.


Meal Time at Tung Lok Signatures

Source: Tung Lok Signatures 

“TungLok Signatures offers a tantalising range of traditional Chinese cuisine, such as Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuan dishes with a dash of Modern creations – authentic in tastes but with TungLok’s distinctive touch. Be swept away by a myriad of flavours from our premium ingredients.

Our masterchefs’ skillful execution and innovative vision have produced a unique dining concept that has impressed many. Reminisce the taste and soul of Chinese tradition as these delicacies charm your palate with each tender morsel.”

I ordered the Promotional Lunch Set.

2013-07-26 13.34.28

First dish was Braised Fish Maw Bisque… Love it.


Gave me an idea to get mini claypot when I make fish maw soup at home. Next, Steamed Prawn with roes with Steamed Egg White..Maybe I can try this someday at home.


And Stewed Beef Cheek in Red Wine Sauce. My dad and I were wowed by the tenderness of the beef. Certainly, unforgettable.


Braised Handmade Noodle with Dumpling. It was the 5th dish… and by then, we were all very full. So, we packed this for my brother at home.


After meal, we proceeded to Cold Storage to do grocery shopping for Saturday BBQ with secondary school friends. All in all, it was a well-spent day at Changi City Point.