Birthday Dinner at Mandarin Court

A cozy dinner with third aunt at Mandarin Court, Mandarin Gallery Hotel. Located at 35th floor, the window view of orchard road at night was stunning.

Could it be the classy oriental ambience or her age…? Leia behaved unusually well. Maybe she knows its a place where everyone behaves in a fine manner.


When food was served, Leia enjoyed herself. The occassion was a birthday celebration for our beautiful Aunt Roslyn (My mil’s younger sis).


Knew her since I was 15 years old. Aunt Roslyn played a big part in my life too. She is highly respected for her remarkable role as a mother, sister, aunt, grand-aunt, friend and boss. Everyone who knows her loves her 🙂

This year, I chose a pair of diamond earrings from Tianpo. Bret and I have been working hard and we wanted to get a gift that last. Our dear lady was all smiles when she opened the gift box and thats what matters most.

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