June 13: Thought of the Day

Done with my daily business calls.. mainly catching up with great clients-turned-friends I cherished. Also, at least once a week I aim to help clients in their businesses by leveraging on my growing network. Its not about dollar and cents, its about the feeling of helping another and paying forward.

Everyone employs different perspective to look or judge. And I was told that if unguarded, 90% of our thoughts are negative. Totally agree to that statement. Can’t deny myself I do have whines and complains about another person or situations however when my schedule is so packed I have no spare time to scrutinize the imperfections of life. Also, exposing myself to the content of positive media such as youtube clips and books have transformed my life for the better. I am happier today than before because I chose to be grateful.

Morning is a spiritual moment where I thank God for another day on this world.

I was in a training course and got to know a fatherly guy whose eyes shone with love as he talked about his 2 year old girl. When I asked if he will tear on his daughter’s wedding night, he paused for a moment and told me not to talk further. Just imagining made him want to cry. Gosh… the power of love. A year later, while training for marathon he suffered a cardiac arrest and his heartbeat stopped… he didn’t make it and left… behind his loving wife and adorable toddler. It was so sudden and saddening for everyone who knows him. Even though I only met him once at training course but I felt my heart dropped and a moment of solemn. Life can be fragile… if you know what I mean.

Yesterday Shally was doing my hair. In silence, I told myself I am thankful to meet a good stylist. And whenever I receive help in all kinds, I am thankful to receive their blessings. I may not be a leader of an organization or social worker but in my ways, I strive to be a blessing to others everyday. Even though we do not share a common religion and beliefs, I tell them I will be there for them and I will pray for their worries.

In a while, a good friend of mine will be dropping by my place for business-casual catch up. Cafe becomes home and I love it. And I will be spending evening at Best Friend Poh’s place for dinner.

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