His Mahjiong Night

Friday night, I reminded Bret to invite his friends over for mahjiong. Well, an activity for him to unwind after the long week of battle at work. He is always laughing heartily with his guy friends ans I love to see that smile on his face.. knowing he is enjoying himself.  Leia was home and she was happy to see Brother Jacky and Sister Teresa.

Jacky and Friends

Jacky told us he wants to have a girl like Leia too. Impressed by the way he plays and interact with Leia, we are very sure he will make a wonderful daddy.

While the guys get playful teasing each other over mahjiong table, I had girly time with Teresa and Leia at playroom. Their game ended around 1.30am and I had dozed off beside Leia who was asleep. Bret was shocked to see us sleeping in the playroom.

End of The Day

Still in a daze and ultra sleepy mode, I helped clear up some mess before I knocked out in my bedroom. Bret moved Leia to our bed and then went on to wash all the cups and plates.

With my eyes closed, I could hear my hubby doing the cleaning and tidying up. He’s good 🙂

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