Fat Fish Steamboat with B

Wednesday evening … Best Friend B and I had dinner at Fat Fish Steamboat at Downtown East. Because I was so hungry, I did not snap any pics. My hands were busy ordering and eating.

We love the….

1. Buffet spread
2. Sauce
3. Thin pork slice
4. Varieties

B and I realised the varieties and sauce prety similar to Roxy Square’s. In my opinion, Fat Fish has fresher meat but japenese solo and cheese tofu… Roxy Square’s better.

I could go on and on… but my stomach could only fill so much. And believe it or not, I was a teeny wenny sad I can’t eat further. 有心无力

Neverthless, Steamboat with best friend is just indescribable. We were babbling non-stop as we cook our food. Laughed about silly things we do to each other and enjoy our favourite way to do dinner.

Can’t imagine life without steamboat. My next steamboat dinner date… primary school friends. Arranging-in-process via Groupchat.

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