Leia and Art Garden

On 16th June, Bret and I took Leia to Art garden at Singapore Art Museum.


Started off with The Enchanted Garden.


Leia was astonished to see a rainbow. She was so in love with the stairs 🙂


Above picture was taken from Little Day Out and do visit the website for more information about Art Garden 2013.

I like that there’s activity sheets for the kids..


My little girl couldn’t wait to join the rest at the common table filled with children and parents. After the art work, Leia took a picture of her completed work. I was surprised by the poses she came up with.


Next was… a mystical black and white room that reminds me of Alice in wonderland.


Father and daughter exploring time.


Love the spacious gallery filled with art work of children.


Another activity sheet ….Leia knew exactly what to do with the glue and pieces of paper.


Together we accomplished our art work and unraveled the hidden agenda of mummy S.


Thank you Daddy Khoo for all the Joy, Love and Comfort you have brought to Leia and Mummy S’ life.

Whenever Mummy S is out for weekdays evening appointments, you would shower Leia, play with our little girl and read to her till she is asleep. In many ways, you are a Perfect Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day and we love you more than you can ever imagine.

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