The Unplanned Tuesday

Years back, I told others I will never queue for Barney… but I should know better that there is no absolute in this world… One evening, Leia told me Barney is going to City Square Mall and she wants to meet him. I was amazed that she said, “City Square Mall”. These three words triggered the thought of bringing my little girl to Barney Show.

A day where I make a decision to spend the entire day for mother-daughter time. First activity, Leia asked for Crayons and Colours. Sure ! I was having breakfast at the dining and watching my girl colouring with a pool view at the background.. A simple scene that charmed my morning. Next, I asked if she wants to help in laundry chores and her reply was spontaneously candid, “Ok!”. Touched my heart to see how she kept away her crayons without me asking her to do so.


Before I ever move into this new house, I have zero contact with washing machine. Now, its like my Best Friend at home. Haha… I tried handwashing but its really not my kinda-thing. Also, I am glad that most of my clothes can be machine-washed. Bonus, can skip ironing too.


Leia helped me by putting the dirty laundry into the washer. When all the clothes are transferred to the washer, I had to shoo her to the living room before she meddles with the buttons. My 33 months old is fascinated by activities.. be it housework or kids.. I supposed its all play to her.

Not along after, my mum arrived and it was time for City Square Mall.


Lunch was Nihon Mura and every plate of sushi cost only $1.50 ..even for Salmon Sashimi. I love smoked salmon sushi best.

And there was a train ride available in the mall. Being a fan of Thomas, it is her fantasy dream to experience train ride. Alas!


Then… the Barney crowd falls in. An hour before the purple dino arrive. Leia and my mum were seated in the front row while I queued for the 1st 50 redeemable “Meet-and-Greet Barney” Pass.


I am never into queuing up but… the unconditional love of a parent is unexplainable. Mothers and Fathers would do almost anything possible to see their little ones smile.


By then, another half hour more for Barney’s arrival. Leia’s eyelids were so heavy… The girl beside her looked sad.. prior to that both girls were singing songs and laughing together. My girl is quite a social animal these days.


When the music got louder, Leia opened her eyes hoping its not another disappointment…


Hooray! Barney and Friends are out.


They sang few songs and 15 minutues later, the show ended. A short queue for the Photo-Taking Session.


Mission accomplished after 2.5 hours of queue and 30 minutes of Barney appearance. I was shocked when Leia asked to meet Barney the next day. My reply was … “No, once is enough.” Hmm will it be so?

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