June 2013 Holiday: Art & Craft Exhibition at Mindchamps

At the age of 29, I visited my first ever Art Gallery and the venue was Leia’s school. Started off with Parent & Toddler colouring activities. Little ones were asked what would they like to add in their porridge. Always amused by children’s creativity. Leia asked for Crab, Carrot, Fish and Vegetable.


Then, we moved on to the Art & Craft Gallery. The children of Mindchamps have created their own art pieces for this June Holiday theme, “The Magic Porridge Pot”.


Didn’t take long for me to find Leia’s Art Piece 🙂


Throughout the interesting program, I whatsapp Bret and sent him pictures. If not for work, he would have join us. There was a segment dedicated to Mindchamps fathers and I saw something really sweet at the classroom corridor.


Bret was delighted to receive a picture of his Father’s Day gift from Leia.


At home, Bret was all smiles as Leia presented him the beautiful Father’s Day gift. We are truly thankful for the wonderful experience organised by her school.

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