MacBook Air

For the first time, I’m using Macbook Air to blog.


My previous ibm notebook has pronounced dead again… and I need a notebook for work. This time, my heart insisted on mac despite its not microsoft friendly.

Bret asked if getting from expo sale will be cheaper. I rejected the idea knowing price won’t be lower, probably some free gifts. And since we are at Century Square, I suggest getting the notebook from Infinite at Best Denki.

To my surprise, there are free gifts for purchase of Mac Air. I received a keyboard protector, logitech wireless mouse and laptop protector. Also, I had enquired about Mac Air at another retailer, the cost to install microsoft office was $180 but its only $150 at Infinite. Wonderful.

A long-time dream fulfilled and thank you Hubby.

Leia visits The Tree House

Have been rushing for appointments and Saturday afternoon was an agreed time to bring our girl out. Knowing the venue was Library, Bret was taken aback. He was expecting something more happening like Bird Park. Looking at my schedule and energy level, I wanted something simple.

Reached the destination, hubby looked more amazed than Leia.

The Tree House at Public Library.


Very spacious and looked more like playground. Leia was eager to explore every fun corner but I could see she is not as excited. Was it because of the weekend crowd?

Bret thought we would sit down and read to her. It was not my intention ..and besides Leia preferred to run around. Apparently, she was not in the mood for photos… this is the best I’ve got.


In this visit, I only found 4 interesting books for Leia as there were limited books at the toddler shelves.


Hope she likes them.

Homemade Egg Noodle Soup

Inspired by Best Friend Poh.. I made  Noodle soup for lunch. Leia asked to help and together we peeled the shell of quail eggs.


My little glutton peeled and ate one of the quail eggs … when I was away. Cooked the chye sim(vegetable) the way B did hers.

Instead of mee poh, I tried egg noodle.


Prepared bacon too. I really like B’s idea.

Hubby was at work for the morning and  his comment was….


Too much ingredients… next time, I will attempt dry egg noodle. He’s not a soupy person.

Over the Phone

Last night, Best Friend B called me and we spent hours chatting over the phone laughing at the hilarious stuffs we did during our overseas trips. Will it be Taiwan or Europe in our next trip together?

Then, H returned my call. We had another long chat that lasted till 1130pm. Talking about work and political matters.

Having two solid phone conversations with my dear friends was stimulating and comforting. Whatsapp online chat can never beat the real voice. I felt recharged to maximize my day doing the right things. And that is, to spend quality time talking to people I care whenever possible.

Khiel Lip Balm

Hubby uses Khiel. Each time he replenishes products, we receive samples to try.


Trying out their Lip Balm. I uses it before sleep.


Reminds me of vaseline. Bit oily when applied on otherwise, moisturises well. Will I buy again? Maybe … if I need to travel to cold country.

Gifts for her

Yesterday Tianpo … today Poh Heng. Gold prices dropped and I bought two pieces of jewellery for people I love.


If not for my dear cousin Chairine, I would not have considered gold jewellery. I am really thankful to her.

Plan to get few more pieces. My mum has requested a ring.

Birthday Dinner at Mandarin Court

A cozy dinner with third aunt at Mandarin Court, Mandarin Gallery Hotel. Located at 35th floor, the window view of orchard road at night was stunning.

Could it be the classy oriental ambience or her age…? Leia behaved unusually well. Maybe she knows its a place where everyone behaves in a fine manner.


When food was served, Leia enjoyed herself. The occassion was a birthday celebration for our beautiful Aunt Roslyn (My mil’s younger sis).


Knew her since I was 15 years old. Aunt Roslyn played a big part in my life too. She is highly respected for her remarkable role as a mother, sister, aunt, grand-aunt, friend and boss. Everyone who knows her loves her 🙂

This year, I chose a pair of diamond earrings from Tianpo. Bret and I have been working hard and we wanted to get a gift that last. Our dear lady was all smiles when she opened the gift box and thats what matters most.