Busy Saturday

Weekend is the only time I get to sleep in late. Still, my biological alarm clock woke me up at 9.30am. I could hear Leia playing with her toys at the living room with my mum.

Bret woke up too. Our agenda for saturday was to settle Playroom’s lighting, get Ceiling fan for our Balcony and Bedsheet sets.

Lunch was at Mr Chicken Rice at Downtown East, Ehub.


Then, we proceeded to Lightings.com.sg at Balestier Point.


Next, Bedsheet sets at Robinsons. Bret and I do not know much about brands for bed textile. We relied on our sense of touch….! 一分钱一分货 we were shocked by the price that felt the best. $699? Not now.. and I’m not sure if there will be ever. Bret decided on the 2nd best… price was half. We bought 2 sets, for mil & us. It is an eco friendly bedsheet.
On the way back, Leia was asleep in the car. Reached home, Bret took his desired nap. I was enjoying me-time with online shopping.

Dinner was at Mr. Prata (Tampines) with Bret.


I’m falling in love with the eatery. They have Thai, Western & Indian cusine. I love their sauce for hot plate and I believe most people do.

Thanks to strong family support, Bret & I have ample of quality time. Something I love even more ; the heartwarming scene of Bret playing and reading books to Leia. He told me he enjoys one-to-one time with his daughter 🙂

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