Xian De Lai with Agnes

For the month of May & June, I am required to report office for training by 9.30am and the kindest training buddy buys us breakfast from time to time.

Wed… we were in the pantry having breakfast. And I had a red mini Ang Ku Kueh…


What I didnt expect… the mini kueh was my only meal from 9am to 5pm. Trainer over-run and I had a meeting right after. Angry stomach was protesting with growls and funny noises. I wished for the taxi driver to reach Bugis at the soonest.

There’s Agnes who’s getting prettier and prettier.


She suggested “xian de lai” at bugis. It was steamboat buffet!

Enjoyed the attentive customer service and I saw scallops in their spread. Pretty impressed with their speciality chicken which was served as appetizer.


As for soup… I thought it was bit bland for me until E told me she always add seasonings on her own from the available condiments counter. Shall do that in my next visit.


Nevethless, I enjoyed another wonderful night of work & catchin up with my beautiful friend. Next meet up with Agnes, Kathy & Eileen at my new place šŸ™‚

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