Cold war ended

In the car with sbff, we were in this topic about true love.

E:”We are no longer in the “Finding True Love” stage… now, we are in “How to Maintain a Marriage” stage!”

It was a candid statement which I totally agree. And laughed because I was reminded how Bret and I maintain our marriage.

For the past few nights, Bret and I have been squabbling over meaningless issues. The words that came out from our lips were slipped out readily. Too quick and the choice of words were blunt. In order to avoid quarrels, we started a mutual cold war. But when Leia is around, happy family mode again.

Blame the recent stress & frantic schedule…For myself, I had to adapt to a brand new routine due to my company’s training schedule for May & June. Very soon, we will be moving to Simei and then… another new wake-up time. Besides the instant-change in my lifestyle, I have much tasks to achieve on daily basis and never ending appointments..Work, New House, Social, Spiritual and Family.For hubby, Bret mentioned about meeting his expectations on work performance…and he wasnt pleased to know how my male colleague was being nice to me… fault on the way I shared with him. Misunderstandings, Miscommunications, we were two negative lovers for four days.

Every night in the midst of a fierce debate, we actually received new information about each other. I got to know more about his current situation at work &… for him, he looked dumbfounded when I told him I planned to introduce my male colleague to another female friend… on our own, we pieced the jig saw details together and by the fifth day, we finally got the picture right. Stress was a reason to our illogical and annoying bedtime conversations.

Friday arrived, I text him… “can we stop the cold war?”

He didn’t reply but his actions did. We are back to lovey dovey 🙂

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