Darling Huiting Birthday

Two months ago, I scheduled an advanced birthday celebration with Huiting. Venue was The Lounge at intercontinental Hotel. We had English High Tea.


Prettier than its taste though. Neverthless, company matters most. The irreplaceable joy of meeting my dear friend and I was eager to take a picture of Huiting and her birthday gift from Philosophy.


Everytime we meet, time seemed to tick a lot faster than usual. We had so much to talk about and its very comforting to have a good friend like Huiting. Just like before, I introduced a new song to her and she likes! My dear friend and I giggled as its something we do during our meet ups.

“Two girlfriends sharing ear piece listening to emotional song from youtube app – hp or iPad.”



Thats Huiting & me.

4.45pm Bret reached. To my surprise, he joined us and much laughter was shared. My hectic schedule have been packed with work, new house & family. And when it comes to meeting friends I love, I am truly thankful.

Next meet up with Huiting will be end month at my new place 🙂

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