Baby Chef: Preparing Eggs

Saturday is a non-working day for me and I started my favourite day at 7am to do some paperwork before Leia wakes up. Around 9am, the cute little voice was heard, “Mummy, I want iPad”. Instead of saying No, I suggested making breakfast together! She was all smiles.

This is her 2nd encounter with uncooked eggs. Usually, we let her break & peel hard-boiled eggs.


Did a demo on how to break uncooked eggs before guiding her hands to break the egg.


Next, add flavouring. We have white pepper…


And some soy sauce. Finally, a fork for Leia to mix.

Mixing egg with a fork is something new to Leia. From her eyes, I could see was intrigued by the changing form of egg white & yolk.

Then, I brought the egg mixture to kitchen. Back on table, I showed Leia how to make sandwich.


In the end, she only wants to eat the cheese…

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