Nursery 1: Parent-Teacher Meeting

Last month, I was assigned a time slot to meet Leia’s teachers. Finally, the day arrived. Both English & Chinese teachers were present and they were sharing Leia’s progress and personality displayed at Mindchamps. Good thing to know, feedback was positive.

According to the teachers, Leia loves reading and she expresses herself well. They commented Leia is the “gungho” type where she is always the first few to volunteer and try out new things. Enjoys being around teachers and friends, she does not hesitate to share her views during open discussions.

At the end of session, a report was given.


One of the segments by enrichment teacher.


Impressed by the detailed report. English teacher told me I will soon receive a cd with Leia’s photos from Feb till May. Look forward 🙂

Home Sweet Home

Sunday, 19th May was the day we moved into our new house and goodbye to squeezing into a single bed with Bret.


There’s our chengal decking at balcony.


Pool view from balcony… its like waking up to staycation everyday 🙂


Will be holding house warming party after our sofa arrive in june. Stay tuned for more pics.

Best Friend B takes Half-Day !

One of my all-time favourite!
Matsu set at itacho, ion orchard.


B was with me and she accompanied to get some home & decor from wisma. After shopping, we ended up at her place.

Her little girl was home. Shevon has a very sweet personality and she is quite a talker now.


Our dinner was prepared by B’s hubby aka Chef Rowen.


Using his creativity, he whipped up delicious homecooked food. Yummy yummy. I feel blessed.

Then, B offered her homemade rainbow cupcake.


I’m gg to try making this with Leia.

Last but not least, thank you B for all the time and everything.

Mother’s Day 2013 at Long Beach King

Sunday was Mother’s Day as well as a day where I do Craft with my little girl. For our Mother’s Day Craft, I prepared following materials:

  • Coloured Paper for the Flowers
  • Green Contruction Paper for the Grass/Stem
  • Child-Friendly Glue
  • Child-Friendly Scissor

After 15mins of cutting and gluing, a perfect bouquet was created. And I’m giving them to my mum & dearest mil  🙂


7.30pm, it was time to head out for Mother’s Day Dinner.


We chose Long Beach King Seafood at Kallang and ordered the Mother’s Day Set. I noticed Leia loves gathering… she was clapping her hands when my siblings joined us for the dinner celebration. Before the food arrived, I took a Daddy-&-Daughter shot.


Then, a Family Shot of us…


The little one began to sulk… as her stomach reminds her of hunger.


There goes! The first dish was, Shark Fin with Fish Maw Soup. My girl enjoyed the soup and I filtered the Shark Fins in case of indigestion.


When comes to drinking soup, Leia resembles me a lot.

After soup, we had the rest…

  • Mango Chicken in Thai Style
  • Scallops with Broccoli
  • Black Pepper Crab
  • Chilli Crab with Golden Mantou
  • Barbequed Fish
  • Dessert (Guilin Gao for all except one bowl of Hashima soup for Mothers)

My ideal dinner is still homecooked food or steam boat … probably next year at my own place.

Mother’s Day at Mindchamps 2013

Friday afternoon was a memorable Mother’s Day Celebration. Leia’s school had ogranised a High-Tea Party for mothers and we were asked to dress up in flora or hawaiian theme. I had planned to get a new piece of flora dress until I remembered the white top with floral lace I got during CNY.

The moment Best Friend B & I entered the school, we were asked to choose a flower pin for our hair.


We had a segment on Personal Image by Coach Joshua Luke. He’s the image consultant for Miss Singapore Pagents and mothers benefited from his sharing as well as individual colour decode.


Was picked to let Coach Joshua do a demo on lips and colour coding.


I got to know Warm Colours like orange suits me and I plan to get Purple Colour corrector for flawless make up finish.

Next, we have the nursery 1 & 2 toddlers performance for Mother’s Day. I was wondering if Leia will run to me instead of performing. No…she didn’t and I was amazed to see another side of her. Despite a big crowd of strangers in front of her, she was able to perform with her peers in a calm and confident manner.

After the wonderful performance, mothers were invited to respective classrooms where teachers and toddlers have high tea snacks and handmade gift for us.


Leia told me she made the marshmallow pop and I had to eat 4 of them! I’ve outgrown sweet stuffs. Anyway, we spent quality time in her classroom and she showed me around. According to Leia, she likes the books shelves and asked me to read books to her. Actually I thought she would take me to toy sections. Principal May told me they have expensive toys… but reading remains her favourite activity.


B told me she is very pleased to see Shevon enjoying herself in school. Indeed! I always get to see happy parents and children in this school 🙂


Thank you Mindchamps at Tampines Point for all the thoughtful arrangement to make this celebration special for us.

Busy Saturday

Weekend is the only time I get to sleep in late. Still, my biological alarm clock woke me up at 9.30am. I could hear Leia playing with her toys at the living room with my mum.

Bret woke up too. Our agenda for saturday was to settle Playroom’s lighting, get Ceiling fan for our Balcony and Bedsheet sets.

Lunch was at Mr Chicken Rice at Downtown East, Ehub.


Then, we proceeded to at Balestier Point.


Next, Bedsheet sets at Robinsons. Bret and I do not know much about brands for bed textile. We relied on our sense of touch….! 一分钱一分货 we were shocked by the price that felt the best. $699? Not now.. and I’m not sure if there will be ever. Bret decided on the 2nd best… price was half. We bought 2 sets, for mil & us. It is an eco friendly bedsheet.
On the way back, Leia was asleep in the car. Reached home, Bret took his desired nap. I was enjoying me-time with online shopping.

Dinner was at Mr. Prata (Tampines) with Bret.


I’m falling in love with the eatery. They have Thai, Western & Indian cusine. I love their sauce for hot plate and I believe most people do.

Thanks to strong family support, Bret & I have ample of quality time. Something I love even more ; the heartwarming scene of Bret playing and reading books to Leia. He told me he enjoys one-to-one time with his daughter 🙂