Feeling Thankful…

Approaching our move to new place, weekends have been packed with visits to vendors needed to complete our home. Now we are left with confirmation of the Curtains, Decking at Balcony & Electrical Appliances.

For the past two weeks, Bret and I settled the Bathroom Accessories, Hanging Lights, Dining Table and Sofa. And several times, our dear designer missed his meals to help us accomplish what we need to do. I feel bad about that but he kept telling us, “its ok!” When comes to shopping, we delegated the decision-making to the designer’s eyes. Have heard people telling me.. “You have paid for his knowledge and experience, its his job.” For me, I was overwhelmed by the amount of time he had spent with us and his relentless commitment to ensure our dream house is right on track.

Also, not forgeting the my brotherly cousin and friends who insisted that we have to contact the best vendors for their house. Indeed! Bret and I have met wonderful bosses for our furnitures and fittings. Love their extensive knowledge and… Pricing 🙂

Last but not least, thank god for the blessings.

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