Busy Weekends

Every Saturday, Bret and I will be busy with new house matters. It is the only day where we are together for the entire day.

Last weekend, Bret and I met designer Leo to confirm spray paint for our tv console instead of lamination. Also, we bought an oval dining table from Parkmall.  Its similar to the dining table below.. but I chose a much darker shade of wood and dining chairs are different.


Our designer insisted that he accompanies us to get our sofa for the living. I didn’t want to trouble him and we did whatsapp him the pictures but he insists. Leo wanted to ensure a piece that goes well with his designs. Love his proactive attitude and commitment.

Weeks before, I found Leia to be unhappy because I have been working late. And since this week I had to take time out for new house, I was able to spend more quality time with my girl. On Saturday, she met Ezann for a short playground play in the morning then cousin Jesslyn & Carrick for her afternoon playdate. Evening time was arts and craft.

Leia loves painting and I supposed that’s a quite a popular activity for children.


Little Artist is very focused with her work.


Besides painting, Bret and I read and played thomas the train toys together with her. Like a team, we packed away the books and toys together. Weekends we try to let Leia sleep later so that she won’t wake us up early in the morning. 11pm, is that too late for weekend…? lol

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