Morning with B at Mindchamps

April is the month my best friend’s daughter starts Mindchamps. Its amazing to see our girls attend same school.

One of the mornings… I told school bus uncle I will send Leia to school. Then my kindest dad offered to fetch me and Leia to school. On the way, we picked up B & Shevon.


Reached school, our girls took turns to measure temperature and have their mouths checked.

Leia was thrilled to see Auntie Beelian & Shevon in her school. What surprised was her request of having Shevon in her class. Teacher nicely explained they are in different classes.

In time, they are likely to join same primary school. Just as B & me.

Today is another morning I skipped school bus. The upside is that I get to see my girl being independent. B told Leia put her school bag into cubbie hole on her own.


Leia knew I was looking from the window and she continued to do what she normally do in class.


Then it was my turn to have a quickie breakfast with B.


We spent a quality 30 mins. When will I see her again…

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