The Beginning

Have been occupied with work and… when I gave myself a break at home, there’s documentation to do still. But this afternoon, sbff called me and asked if I want to do lunch. My pleasure, definitely! While waiting for Sbff, Best Friend B called and we chatted for quite a while.

About 3pm, Willip joined us and we talked about our journey with God. He opened an app created by his church, HOGC and I spoke the prayers from my heart. It was enlightening and heartening.


With strong faith, I gained an unshakeable confidence knowing God will fight the battle for me and arranging things in my favor. Instead of being discouraged, I wake up every morning thanking God for the answers on the way. Instead of talking how big the problem is, I go through the day talking about how big God is. My mind is set on one direction : victory, favor and healing.

I know the moment I pray, God set Miracle into motion. I have seen how he did in the past and I know he will do it again in the future.

From Joel Osteen: Unshakeable Faith

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