Weekday Morning with Leia

First few mornings I had to gently wake her up by telling her to brush teeth. She was eager to brush teeth as the process involves lots of diy steps like squeezing toothpaste, brush teeth, rinising her mouth by spitting the water out. Its a must for her to wash hands after brushing teeth.

On the third day, Bret was in the toilet bathing and for the first time ever, she was displeased to know she had to wait for her turn. Could see that she was annoyed and like an adult she grumbled at her daddy as she waited outside the toilet. No whining though. Then on 4th morning, I told her time to brush teeth before her daddy goes into toilet. She woke up immediately making sure she dont have to wait like the day before. In fact, Bret was awoke and she is aware that her daddy almost went in before her.

By the 5th morning, the moment I entered my parents’ room, Leia automatically woke up and in a moderate speed she walked quicklyh to the common toilet. Bret was nowhere in sight. Smiling and looking at ease, the 30 month old carried her wooden stool from service balcony to the common toilet.

After we were done with shower, I dressed her up.


This week she had either 小馒头 or fresh strawberries. Leia refused to drink milk in the morning before school. Maybe i need to bring back cereals with milk. Only thing is longer time for breakfast means i have to wake up earlier.

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