Monday Blues

I was soooo tired this morning. Had this thought of texting school bus uncle not to come pick Leia so I can sleep a while more and send my girl to school instead… Leia like me, was still sleeping in her grandma’s room It is easy for her to wake up if I were to mention “Brush Teeth”, however Bret was in the common toilet so I didn’t.

Every morning, my mum watches Channel News Asia and the tv commotion in the living room woke Leia up. The little girl paced swiftly to the toilet only to find daddy in toilet. Disappointed Leia sat on my mum’s lap, her face was so grumpy and blue..Was she angry with me for not waking her up earlier and Daddy got into toilet before her..Ops. And knowing she would whine if I went on to change her… I just paused. For that moment, we stared blankly into each others eyes without doing anything.

Clearly, we were both having Monday Blues.

The turn-around point was when Leia decided she wants to play her toys and allowed me to changed her into uniforms. In the next 10 mins, she had quick breakfast and all ready for school bus!

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