Saturday with him

Weekend is finally here! My day started 2 hours later than usual.. could have slept longer but toddlers are persistent alarm clocks with no snooze or “off” function. Was reluctant to wake up until I heard my 30 month-old said, “Today is Saturday, I don’t need to go Mindchamps!” Wow… that woke me up! Made breakfast – omelette with cheese & stir-fry white button mushrooms with oregon.

Family time was when three of us hanged out in the bedroom. Bret was watching Anime from Laptop and Leia watched youtube from iPad and I was reading. Although we did not interact constantly but the distance kept us close as we engaged in our favourite activity. 3pm was the time Bret and I had to leave house as we had two appointments today and we can’t bring Leia along with us. The little girl defied with whines and cries. No choice.. Bret is getting the watch which he had reserved with Kenny and aftermath, we need to meet our designer Leo to conclude the final details of our new house. In the end, my mum carried Leia into her room as we sneaked out of house.

Reached The Hour Glass at Raffles Hotel, Bret settled for his Daytona watch. For me, my eyes were fixed on this sparkling a roman dial watch. Gonna be my next time piece. We left the store feeling light and satisfied. Enjoyed the delicate hospitality by Kenny and his colleagues.

Then, it was meet up with Leo! Bret and I knew him since last Dec and we are very comfortable with him. He is talented, efficient, resourceful and able to pick up subtleties. I love that he makes sure our needs are met and visibly, his effort to know what we like and don’t like. Ever since he was solely in charge of our project, I felt a lot more assured and forgoe the initial requests of refusing any open shelves and brown colour in my house. From then, he was able to create with minimal restrictions for his designs. 2.5hours later, we were done with discussion and Leo makes me look forward to moving in soon!


My working documents and files need a proper room. Coming soon!

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