Busy, Busy

Finally, I gave myself a break this evening! For the past few weeks, I have been occupied with appointments and meetings from morning till night. Bret is getting used to my weekday night appointments. When I was driving to an appointment, I could not help wondered why do I feel so relaxed years before I become Mrs Khoo.

Supposed that’s the thing about working mother. In the past, I have the luxury of time to pamper myself with spa massages and hair treatments. But as a mother now, my priority afterwork.. is making sure I have quality time with my loved ones.

Mothers are early birds. My day starts as early as 7.15am where I need to gently wake my two year-old up by asking to her to brush teeth – her fav activity for now. Get her dressed in school uniform, prepares breakfast and her school bag. Next, school bus arrives and Leia is off to school while I hit the laptop to start work and emails.

Recently, my work ended as late as 9.30pm or later..but the most comforting and sweetest thing about Bret is that sometimes, he offers to drive me to my evening appointment and waits for me in the car playing his iPhone. Other times, I would give him a call telling him I’m reaching home and he would accompany me to park the car at highest level. Then, we chat about our day at work as we stroll back home together.

Still clad in my working wear, I blend into Leia’s play. Cooking, blocks, story time… and I always tell her, “I love you”. An assurance that even though I go to work, I will still be back playing with her. Love Leia always.

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