Feeling Thankful…

Approaching our move to new place, weekends have been packed with visits to vendors needed to complete our home. Now we are left with confirmation of the Curtains, Decking at Balcony & Electrical Appliances.

For the past two weeks, Bret and I settled the Bathroom Accessories, Hanging Lights, Dining Table and Sofa. And several times, our dear designer missed his meals to help us accomplish what we need to do. I feel bad about that but he kept telling us, “its ok!” When comes to shopping, we delegated the decision-making to the designer’s eyes. Have heard people telling me.. “You have paid for his knowledge and experience, its his job.” For me, I was overwhelmed by the amount of time he had spent with us and his relentless commitment to ensure our dream house is right on track.

Also, not forgeting the my brotherly cousin and friends who insisted that we have to contact the best vendors for their house. Indeed! Bret and I have met wonderful bosses for our furnitures and fittings. Love their extensive knowledge and… Pricing 🙂

Last but not least, thank god for the blessings.

Team work for Dream work

For our very First Home…we experienced a long memorable journey of decision-making..


  • Choice of Designer ( After few meetings, we debriefed about our “feel” with the people we met)
  • Theme of the house (He like dark colours, I like white and we are having Grey in the living)
  • Electronics (I let him decide since I’m not into TV and I only ask for user-friendly washing machine)
  • Mattresses (We went different malls and laid on many mattresses together. Sealy, Slumber and etc)
  • Bedframes (Customization requires lots of visualization…together we imagined)
  • Lightings (Hanging light, wall lights … omg… still pending)
  • Dining Table (Headache as we needed a perfect size, I prayed and got it!)
  • Sofa (Shortlisted but need to browse again. Anyway, will not be in time for new new house)

Latest Update:  Our Move-In Date, 19th May 2013, Sunday

Busy Weekends

Every Saturday, Bret and I will be busy with new house matters. It is the only day where we are together for the entire day.

Last weekend, Bret and I met designer Leo to confirm spray paint for our tv console instead of lamination. Also, we bought an oval dining table from Parkmall.  Its similar to the dining table below.. but I chose a much darker shade of wood and dining chairs are different.


Our designer insisted that he accompanies us to get our sofa for the living. I didn’t want to trouble him and we did whatsapp him the pictures but he insists. Leo wanted to ensure a piece that goes well with his designs. Love his proactive attitude and commitment.

Weeks before, I found Leia to be unhappy because I have been working late. And since this week I had to take time out for new house, I was able to spend more quality time with my girl. On Saturday, she met Ezann for a short playground play in the morning then cousin Jesslyn & Carrick for her afternoon playdate. Evening time was arts and craft.

Leia loves painting and I supposed that’s a quite a popular activity for children.


Little Artist is very focused with her work.


Besides painting, Bret and I read and played thomas the train toys together with her. Like a team, we packed away the books and toys together. Weekends we try to let Leia sleep later so that she won’t wake us up early in the morning. 11pm, is that too late for weekend…? lol

Little Ones in School

Having Best Friend’s daughter in the same school is actually very fun. B sends her daughter to school every morning and sometimes, she gets to see Leia at the common area. Today she told me about how delighted Leia was to see Shevon and my little girl introduced Shevon to her classmates.. That reminds me of how I always bring B to meet all my friends.

Last week, I picked Leia up from school… outside her nursery classroom was a wall decorated with toddlers artwork. This term is about animals and nice to see pictures of Leia doing the lion craft.

Then…I saw Shevon in the gym area. The 24 months old was so excited at the gym..Quickly snapped pictures and whatsapp B. Nothing beats video…  here’s what I got for B.

Another clip… where Shevon balances herself better and gets more familiar with flow.

I can imagined how B felt as she watched her little girl enjoying herself in school. It is utmost important to us that our children is happy with the teachers, activities and environment.

Leia Builds House

As a parent, we play multiple roles. And for most, we turned into Story Tellers at night. When Leia was 7 months old, I started my First Ever Bedtime story beginning with “The Three Little Pigs”. Till today, my girl still asked for the story. And I just love her attention as I retell the stories in different ways. Recently, I described with actions about how the pigs build their houses.

Maybe building houses have been the focus lately… my new house and night time.. the story about pigs and houses then suddenly, we noticed new breakthroughs in Leia’s building-blocks activity.

Leia’s been creating taller and bigger stuctures… The thing is, my mum tends to instruct while I advocate free play. Will my girl be confused?

At Joe’s Kitchen with Parents

Had a meeting on Wednesday & my parents drove me to my office at Alexandra. Since we had time, I introduced  them to Joe’s kitchen.

Ordered quite a bit. Fish Maw Soup, Baby Kailan with Garlic, Tom Yam soup…

Thai Style Steamed Seabass !


The lemongrass & chilli padi add great flavour to the gravy. Fish was superb.

Then… crab with vermicillie


Smelled really good when served, 好吃!

My parents were very pleased & enjoyed the food except tom yum.