Morning at Vivo City

These days, getting Leia to take her afternoon nap at home is quite a challenge. But, it is always easier when we take her out. Over the weekend, the homely father suggested bringing our girl out for lunch. I suggested Vivo City, a kid-friendly environment as well as the largest retail and lifetsyle desination in Singapore.

Looking at the time 11am..Food Republic was good for lunch. By the way, do you the food court chain is run by Breadtalk Group based in Singapore?


Leia’s eyes were busy with the early-twentieth century memorabilia such as a Chinese sedan chair and hawker pushcarts.


Bret is a dim sum lover. Siew Mai, Ha Kau … standard order. Leia prefers Siew Mai(pork) and she asked to use chopsticks.

Maybe it was her early exposure to fine motor skills at Happy Train… no one taught Leia how to use the chopsticks but she did it.


After lunch, we took her to the outdoor playground at level 2. Her eyes beaming with joy!


Bret was the cautious dad following his precious little girl around…and Slide – her favourite!


Then… blue tunnels fascinated Leia. She went in and out few times like 3 laps. Deep inside, I was thinking she’s gonna take a long nap after vivo.


It was Leia’s naptime but she was looking as energetic still.  I decided to visit Toy R US. She loves cars and went for the Red Mini Cooper.


Got her to try the convertible … its bigger and price tag was… $899.


She tried different “Cars” and I was busy with my camera.


Before we left, Sylvannia Squrriel was spotted. Leia waved gently calling out “Hello…”


A picture together with the friendly lovable squrriel.


Pet Safari ! Leia met the furry animals … dogs, hamsters and guinea pigs.


All in all, we enjoyed another impromptu morning day out.

“Treasure what you have today, for yesterday is past. Appreciate the love of family and friends, for the time they are here.”

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