2013: Easter Day Part II

In the morning of Easter Day, I showed Leia youtube videos of Easter Egg Colouring. And when the cooled hard-boiled eggs were laid nicely in front of her, I saw cute expressions on her face.


She wore this look like, “What am I supposed to do with these eggs?” She tried to crack the egg by knocking on the table and I stopped her. She teased me a few times by saying, “Stop!” Eggs and Toddler.. Then I proceed to add the Food Dye into the water (with 1 tsp of white vinegar). Got her to stir the water and ops.. ! Spilled ..which was expected. The stand-by cloths came in handy.


Finally, the eggs are ready for color dip!


Coloring of eggs… my first time too!


In the very next minute, my curious toddler scooped up the egg to check on the progress.


So…I had to distract her with spare hard-boiled egg for her. Carefully, she cracked the egg shell by knocking on the table and her little fingers peeled off the shell of the egg.


By then, the egg in the strawberry food dye looked ready. But.. the other egg in Yellow Food Dye..no.. and its because I bought banana essence. Ops.


Our First Easter Egg in Pink…I read that rubbing vegetable oil will give the egg a glossy shine. Didn’t do that though.


Leia went on to do the next batch of Easter Pink Eggs!


Snack time…


“Happy Easter, share this time to reflect on life, love, family and all of your blessings.”

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