2013: Easter Day Part I

Since the day I started reading to Leia, I would borrow library books associated to the special occassion for the month. Easter Day is a significant day to Catholics and Christians and on this day, christian and non-christians celebrate Easter with egg hunting and coloring hard-boiled egg.

Last year, we did crayon colouring of Easter Pictures because Leia was not ready for instructions and dyes. This year, I read her a book on Easter Egg hunters.


She was looking for the easter eggs and that inspired her to be an Easter Egg Hunter.


So, I started our very First Easter Egg Hunt at home. It was a simple affair. I prepared an empty green bucket(instead of basket) and hid the plastic eggs around her newly-bought Mother Garden Kitchen… Can you see them?


Within a minute, Leia found most of the eggs. Look at my little Easter Egg Hunter and her bucket.


We did few rounds of hide-and-search as well as switch of roles. Maybe next year, she will hide the eggs better 🙂

Next up… Leia had her first experience with colouring hard-boiled eggs.

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