God’s Gifts

My grandfather was a great man and he has passed away peacefully in his sleep last Friday. I prayed for God to reunite my late grandparents again. I know my late grandmother will take good care of him and they will be loving and happy again in heaven.

I’m thankful to be in weekly contact with my Cousin Iris from dad side… We are going church together and I have blocked out sunday morning to praise the lord and cherish the family tie I have with my cousin. Iris and I would like more family members to join us and bond but I guess takes time.  I love being around people I treasure and with family members, heartwarming is how I feel.

When comes to meeting my mum’s relatives, everyone is always joyful to see one another, exchanging warm greeting and genuine catch up where family togetherness is felt. By nature, Bret carries the usual black face in a new environment and it took 1-2 gatherings for my mum’s relatives to melt him. He opened up to them and even makes it a point to attend every family gatherings when possible. Bret told his mum and our friends, “Serena’s mum relatives are really different and very nice people!”

Family is God’s gift to you, as you are to them.

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