Our Vday on 2013

This year, I wasnt quite into celebrating vday. Bret had asked if I want to do staycation, fine dining.. etc

All I wanted was to cook dinner together.. which we did!

My homemade Cream of Mushroom. Love this and I can’t wait to make again.


Ribeye Pepper Steak … simple grill.


We did calamari rings too.

As usual, a bouquet of flowers with personalised card. For gifts… he felt I need a watch but I don’t even know what I want yet… cant bear to splurge too.


For his gift, I gave him … Precious moment figurine which he suspected. I asked him to guess what was the message… his reply..”Love forever”.


Sometimes its either he knows me too well or its telepathy. The message for this figurine “But love goes on forever”.

It was the first figurine he bought for me. I didn’t appreciate the gift until I accidentally broke it into pieces. My heart felt something and for years I tried to look for it whenever I visit Precious moment store.

Until Rowen surprised me with his findings. Special thanks to him 🙂

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