Sbff House Warming Part 1

Sbff has an official housewarming party for new house. It was exclusive to good friends.  Lets take a look at her hubby’s hardwork. Yes, Willip is the designer and contractor of this lovely scandinavia home.

Adding a personal touch by featuring his favourite marvel posters on the wall.


Ceiling lighting to create a cozy home. Have you also noticed the industrial design flooring? One of the features for lasting impression of Ho Residence.


And the tv console designed by Willip. Love his selection for cabinet surface. The glossy white cabinet delivers a clean and warm look. Antique looking fan on the left complements perfectly to the industrial design.


The photo wall and open shelves from scan teak invites guests to view the precious growing moments & collectibles of Ho family.


Opposite the shelves, we have the dining area. Willip decided on a long cement dining bench for meals. This helps to save space and looks cool like restaurant.


For more comfort, the designer bought cushions for guests.


Still with the theme. Every piece of furniture goes well with each other.


We have a soothing feel of the restroom.

Pictures were taken using iPhone 5. Seriously, the house looks far more awesome in real. Willip has a natural flair for interior design and it was no surprise to me when E shared the good news about her hubby. The talented father of two had been headhunted by a design firm. Do visit his company website and reach him for following services.

To create your Dream House with the talented designer, you may reach Willip at 82824381.

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