Tuesday Morning

Love having breakfast with people I adore. Often, Bret and I patronize toast box.

Breakfast at 9am


He’s been doing extremely well at work. Last night he confided in me that he doesn’t feel I am proud of his success. I was sure shocked to learn about his thoughts. Hmm… have to be my unexcited-boring facial expression that made him felt that way. Its just me ūüė¶ Calm is my strength & weakness.

And before we part, I calmly said “Who said I am not proud of you…? I shared your achievements with my friends and they are happy for me…!” Bret let out a shy grin and hugged me tight.


Teabreak at 10pm

Arranged a short meet up with Alvin. As usual, he eagerly unload his action plans for businesses. He’s an entrepreuner by nature and its a privilege to learn tips snd useful knowledge from him.

Lunch at 1pm

Called my charming vball fren, Chiewling. She suggested lunch at burger king.


We were very happy to see each other. Knowing we genuinely care and wish each other well, thats all that matters.

Just as sbff’s quote, Life is beautiful, Happiness is you.


Since last week, my work schedule was packed with appointments, paperwork, trainings and weekly meetings.

Barely had time to get out of office and I found this small pack chips for lunch.


New routine:

7.30am Prep Leia for sch
9.30am Working mode
8.00pm Family time (if possible)

With all the brain cracking and energy draining activities, I just¬†want to be home and relax whenever I can. Candy crush saga is the “in” thing and yes, I’m playing too. Otherwise I very much prefer lying on bed with my ipad.

Hectic Times

I’m thankful to Bret & my parents for fetching me to and fro when I do not drive. Also, appreciate my dearest friends who understand what I’m going thru.

“True friendship isn’t about being seperable, it’s being seperated and nothing changes “

Catch up soon, love u…

Cream of Mushroom Soup: Noob Cook Recipe

Sunday morning, I woke up at 9am to prepare breakfast for my family. Recipe was taken from noobcook, one of my favourite cooking blog and…¬†I modified a tiny bit.


Ingredients (Serves 4 ‚Äď 6)

– 25g butter

– 3/4 large white/yellow onion, chopped finely

– 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed

– 1 tbsp plain flour

– 700 ml chicken stock (Instead of 850ml)

– 650g portobello & I added white button mushrooms, chopped to large chunks

Р1 tbsp Thymes Leaves (instead of Sage Leaves from original recipe)

– 100ml light cooking cream (instead of double cream)

– Freshly cracked black pepper (I did not use sea salt)

– chopped fresh parsley (for garnishing)

I skipped white wine … simply because I do not have the ingredient at home.

Please refer to this original recipe post here.

I did something differently at the very first step. After the butter was heated, I stirred in thyme leaves before adding the onions and garlic.

Bret and my family gave positive review. Shall serve this soup to my dear friends one day ūüôā

Weekend at Liang Court

Went Liang Court over the weekend and this time I suggested using¬†the pram. Previously, shopping with¬†the 2 year-old¬†often leads¬†to running and bending all over to catch the¬†active explorer¬†who aims to¬†run around the mall. To our surprise, Leia was good in her pram and it was so much easier for Bret and me ūüôā

We stepped into… Kinokuniya…and when Leia saw the books, she told Bret, “I like this place!” I was looking for Little Miss Naughty’s Board Book version and instead I found pocket library books for Mr Men and Little Miss. But …My girl chose Maisy instead.


Both Bret and I were inspired by the¬†decor and furnitures stores at the¬†Japanese-populated mall.¬†Hubby gathered new ideas about sofa.¬†¬†One reason to visit Liang Court..¬†has to be¬†Meidi-ya Supermarket! The orientation, varieties and crowd¬†were distinctly Japanese. Was impressed by the thoughtfulness of setting up a tv area for children to watch Doraemon …

(Picture taken from Yelp)


Very thoughtful.My mum used to leave me and siblings at toy department area while she shopped on her own at other levels of Parkway Parade.

Then… I saw Peppa Pig ! And I have to bring the mealtime set home because Leia is in love with the british¬†animated character now.


I requested for a photo moment. Wasn’t easy as Leia¬†was impatient with her latest mealtime set. Toddlers are very focused and determined little people.Didn’t take me long to give up getting her to compromise for another snapshot.


Leia: “Wow! Giant Chocolate Egg!”


The little fingers were busy unwrapping the pink aluminium foil. When she was done, she tried to break the giant easter egg but unsuccessful. Check out her facial expression…as she went “Mummy, Please help me.”


In the end, three of us finished the Giant Chocolate Egg. Actually, I’m not into chocolate…

All in all, enjoyable day out for us ūüôā

Cny Meet up with H & E

An overdued post. The plan was to have cny lunch at Arc. We chose Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant… served by authentic korean ladies.

Ordered Ginseng Chicken for all…


Hmm Crystal Jade Korean’s still the best. As for spicy tofu soup…

Sbff prefer the usual soup at tanjong pagar. Although food wasn’t a wow, three of us were smiley throughout. Its the companionship. Too bad, H gotta return to work after an hour.

Aftermath, E & I went ikea Alexandra. According to her, some items found at this location were not seen at Tampines’. We walked for quite a while and my aching legs called for tea break.

The Unplanned

A romantic pre-vday celebration with sbff, lovely Mrs Ho.


Both of us wondered about how to celebrate this commercial day with our husbands then…we came across a vday menu at tcc.

When served, I was mesmorized by the beautiful piece of art.


I always wanted to do canape and now that I am more onz in the kitchen… shall experiment someday.

Gatherings with my Friends

It’s 11.24pm now. Half an hour ago, Bret and I were enjoying a cozy gathering with my primary school friends. Venue was Eileen’s place…¬†The interior decor¬†is the exact¬†dream house I desire! Classic and Beautiful. There were Agnes and Kathy too.

Here’s me and Agnes.


We had alfresco steamboat dining at the timber-decked balcony.¬†The night city view from 31st level was¬†truly magnificent¬†and not to mention the cooling breeze.¬†The couple has no need for fans.¬†Before Daniel(Eileen’s hubby) arrived home, Bret¬†was present¬†during¬†ladies talk-over dinner. As discreet as possible, he tried to act invisible and let us be comfortable.¬†But when the ladies touched on relationship topic, they asked for his point of view.¬† He gave his opinions and they nodded with enlightenment.


His engagement with my friends meant a lot to me.

Often, Bret is anti-social towards my friends… like a lone ranger, he tends to sit at a corner and plays his iphone games. Things went haywire in my last gathering at B’s place. Physically tired me was affected by his aloof behavior and I openly expressed my unhappiness towards him. I know I shouldn’t have done that but I was just trying to be me…in front of my closest friends who knew both Bret and me for¬†the longest¬†time. It was a¬†bitter moment for us, however the moment we left the B’s house…¬†immediately he¬†returned to the sweet husband I know. Reached home, he offered to¬†massage me till I sleep.

So¬†this time at Eileen’s,¬†I was¬†most glad to see him smiling throughout and¬†approaching Daniel for small talks.¬†This night.. the food, the company, nostalgic & humourous conversations and… him…Perfect¬†ūüôā

2013: Day 3 Cny

B hosted a steamboat dinner at her place. We had four families and it was the kids that seemed really comfortable¬†at B’s house. Toys are the best ice-breakers for kids.

At the playroom… Mess is a standard scene and so long as the children are well-occupied. Leia who was awoke since 8am missed her afternoon nap and by 7pm, she¬†was playing in a cranky mode. My turn to feel the stress….


Here’s Levonne who¬†is getting prettier each time I see her.¬†Her cheong sam is¬†designed by¬†Mummy Peony’s friend…Simply¬†gorgeous! Loves the way Peony dressed up her children.


Ho Ho Ho¬†Siblings in the house! Check out Ezann’s nice hairdo by Mummy Esther.


And now a¬†shot where all the fathers have to carry their little ones….


From Left: 3 yr old Levonne, Daddy Glenn, 1 yr old Geron, 1 yr old Elvis, Daddy Willip, 3 yr old Ezann, 2 yr old Leia, Daddy Bret, Daddy Rowen and 1 yr old Shevon!

Homemade Yushang prepared B .. I like her idea of smoked salmon (didn’t take pic) .. yummy!


Will do my homemade yushang in future too!

Once again, thank you B & hubby for the wonderful hospitality at your place. Impressed by all the homemade stuffs ūüôā Well, if only Leia took her afternoon nap,¬†sure will be a blast!