The Afternoon Rain

Its 3pm and the sky is grey. Nothing beats listening to this music video now….

Before the heavy downpour, I was having a much-needed chat with H. Conversations with limited time always left me wanting more.

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain. ~ Dolly Parton”

Love is…

At my mum’s place, Bret and I occupied my previous bedroom. It is pretty awesome to be lying on our bed as parents and reminisce the dating moments that had happened in this room..during our 12 years of courtship. For instance..

His First Visit

Once upon a time… I asked Bret to wait outside my door. Looking normal, I entered my house and as soon as he couldn’t see my back… I dashed into my bedroom. With lightning speed, I cleared the obvious clutters and hid the messed up-nitty gritty stuffs into any possible space of my drawers. Even used a room spray to set the ambiance right. 5 minutes had passed, I did a quick check on my room before I invited him into my bedroom.

The tidy impression didn’t last till 3rd visits and da-duh.. he walked into the real world of then-Serena.

Present Time

Today, my ex-bedroom has turned into a super-duper cramped room. With two single beds, two wardrobes and a clothing rack(for Bret) between the beds and desk, there is barely any space for two adults to move around. As for the beds, one of them was an ikea mattress that had thinned over the years; we could actually feel the springs. Geez.. So almost every night now, we sleep together on the other mattress.

Source: Positive Words I Love via Sam Kwasigroch on Pinterest

The Single Bed

Having two adults sleeping on the same single-bed spells body aches but… in exchange for our strains, we are physically and emotionally closer . No rooms for bolsters, he wraps me tightly in his warm arms night after night. When in need of proper sleeping space, we would fight to let the other sleep on the better mattress.


Bret and I have been through emotional highs and lows. A lot of turbulence as well as priceless moments in our many years together. Challenges and obstacles make us discover things about ourselves that we never really knew. And that this love is unbreakable. We have stumbled, all of us and …. it is a comfort to go hand in hand.

Not forgetting to thank my best friends, his closest buddies who heard us and stood by us during our tough times.

Jade Ocean Building: Super Luxe Kid’s Playroom

Another week has passed and we hear nothing about getting the keys. Without entering our new home, there’s little we can affirm on the designs…What I can only do now…looking around for home design inspirations.

Super Luxe Kids Play Room


“The Jade Ocean building in Sunny Isles, Florida features the room shown above, what just might be the most luxurious kids playroom ever. The deluxe amenity for condo owners was outfitted by Florida’s high-design children’s store Genius Jones. The room includes mini versions of Philippe Starck ghost chairs and a mini Alfa Romeo.”

There will be a Play Room Amenity in my new condo and I very much look forward to invite my friends and their little ones over for Play Dates.


Day of the Week

Thursday was eventful for me. Started my morning by fetching Leia to school at 9.30am. Followed by breakfast with my mum and then, an hour of shopping at Times Book Sales.

My affair with Books

The irreplaceable feeling of holding a book in my hands.


Spent S$50 on 11 brand new books for myself and 2 children books at S$4 each.

I really need decent book shelves or cabinets.

Sims 3

Addicted once again. But having a daughter requires discipline. Only when Leia is at school, I indulge myself for 3 hrs max … can’t go longer as I need to fulfill the daily tasks.

Dinner Date

Picked sbff from whitesand mall for our Kopitiam Adventure. Afterwhich, we had some “gossip session” about our daughters.


Family bonding time. We have different activities every night. Bret introduced colors to Leia by using hangars. And me, I played stickers with her. Before our little girl sleeps, three of us held hands and sing the daily song, The more we get together.”

Late Night

Our movie time was 11.15pm…even though we were kinda tired after playing with Leia, Bret felt that we should go for the movie. And the moment we walked out of my mum’s place, Bret took my hands like I’m his girlfriend. Cool.

Sinister is a horror movie. The sound effects & plot pretty successful in making audience uncomfortable. Expect jumpy scenes. In the dark cinema, I was so timid that I held his arm tightly & discreetly closed my eyes several times. As I age, my heart grow weaker. Thankfully, I was able to sleep soundly with no nightmares. Horror gruesome not for me but Bret likes… All for him.

Catchin up with Sbff

My dinner date with sbff was only two hours due to our dearies at home. We need a lot more time for next meet up.


The conversation we had about our daughters was simply hilarious. Everytime we meet, there is always goodies exchange for the little girls.

Back at home, sbff whatsapp me a picture of Ezann who thanked me & smiling with her gifts.


Leia has a nicely wrapped present from sbff. When she saw the gift, she said “I have so many toys. Please open.”


Gotta arrange for both little girls to meet. Sbff and I are prepared to hear their giggles and screams! We saw a sneak preview at last meet up.