Leia’s Birthday Celebration with Mil

We celebrated Leia’s birthday with Mil and family.  And the third birthday cake ought to be another favorite character of hers, Hello Kitty!

Dressed Leia in a lovely dress bought by Candy, who was also the talented baker of her birthday cakes.

The dinner celebration was held at my mil’s Thai restaurant, situated along tanjong katong road.

And I’ve more birthday dinners coming up… my best friends, father and mil. 


Leia’s First Celebration in School

The day has arrived. One last check on her paper plates, plastic spoon and party favors before leaving my mum’s place. In the car, we briefed Leia about her birthday party in school. Her legs were kicking happily in the car seat.

At School

The teachers had set up the table and guided us on what to do. Leia’s friends were very cheerful and well-behaved. The toddlers (less than three years old) listened to Teacher Julie’s instructions and gathered around the table.

The kids were enchanted by Thomas Cake.  The cake smells yummy too. Thomas looked better in person and Leia was very possessive towards him. She was reluctant to let her friends near Thomas.

Time for Birthday Song.

Leia was so worried about Thomas… photo taking with her teachers and friends was challenging.

My little girl burst into tears and cried when Thomas cake was cut. She refused to eat Thomas Cake! After she calmed down, Teacher Julie and Li Lao Shi made the celebration more meaningful by asking Leia to thank us and serve the cake to teachers, principal and us.

The strawberry cake with fresh fruit bits was simply delicious and her friends asked for second helping.

Then, it was time to present Party Favors. I had bought stationary sets for the kids but my mum thought they were not practical for toddlers. So … Bret and I chose these colourful lollipops instead. Always nice to get hubby involved in the preparation of her birthday party.

For the teachers! They were surprised to know these are lollipop pens and they like the gifts 🙂

All in all, we enjoyed having her very first celebration in school. My mum feels Leia has very good teachers and friends 🙂

Special thanks to Candy, my sweetest friend to bake Thomas Cake for Leia’s celebration in school. Bret and I are very impressed.


In the midst of her birthday celebrations, Leia was having on-off fever. The usually-greedy girl lost her appetite and …she seek huge amount attention more than ever.

Her Expectation

Leia mumbled lots expecting me to know what she wants. And you know what, it is more difficult than the game, charade. But fret not, mothers possess the special ability or instinct to read the minds of their children. Apparently, I’m the only at home who understands most of her babbling hence, she always looks for me.

Like adult, it is very frustrating when our needs are not understood by others. So, I had to be there for Leia as much as she wants me.


Leia is kinda used to the extraordinary care and attention she gets when she was not well. She would make demands by whining non-stop till she gets what she wants.


  • Getting Serious – At her eye level, using a firm tone I said to Leia, “You need to tell me what you need and not cry because I won’t know what you want.” Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Let her cry– Another alternative which I engaged, was to let her cry but wasn’t really effective until …
  • Mr Cane – I took the cane out from the store room but I have yet to use the cane on her. Hopefully I don’t have to.

New Parenting Task: Fine-tune her mindset before she turns into a full-fledged spoilt princess-wannabe. The challenge will be her protective grandma.

Staycation at Hard Rock Hotel

After much consideration, Bret and I decided to do our “possibly last” staycation for Leia’s birthday celebration. We booked two connected rooms for my parents and us.

Our schedule

3pm: Check in


Interesting Amenities.

If only I can bring the guitar home.

4pm Ding Tai Fung and strolling around.

Weather was just right. Leia asked for her shades.

5pm: Underwater World

7pm: Romantic In-Room Dinning for Bret & me.


My Parents went for their dinner date at Coca.


Leia was asleep at 8pm and both couples were enjoying honeymoon moments. 

12am: Lights off

Next Day, we checked out and had lunch at Malaysia Food Street.


We filled our table with food that were supposedly good.

Expectations let down..Other than the food (for In-Room Dining and Malaysia Food Street) that tasted really bad, we do like our experience at RWS.


Love you Leia.

Laughter and Marriage

During our bed time conversation, my head lying on his chest and he hugged me as we began our usual crappy moment.

The Name

S: My dear, you need to watch out as there’s news about virus related to SARS.

B: What’s the name of the virus?

S: I think the doctors still trying to name the virus.. like SARS 2?

B: Ya ya ya… then later SARS 3, SARS 4, SARS 5?

S: No … maybe its “The New SARS”! Imagine the doctor says, “You have been diagnosed with The New Sars.”

B laughing: Ya ya ya

The Character

B: There’s lots of version for mutated virus now.

S: Darling! When I hear the word “Mutate”… do you know which cartoon character comes into my head?

B sings:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles … tsk so easy !

S: Wow… u really read my mind! lol

“One of the great joys of marriage is the time that you, as a couple, spend laughing together and enjoying your sense of humor. Here are the benefits of laughter and humor, and ways to increase laughter in your marriage.

Laughter is a marvelous gift. It releases chemicals in your brain which can enhance your day and reduce your stress.” – ,

Bret often laughs at my weird questions and thoughts. And… I love to make him laugh.

About the news I mentioned, please refer here.

Leia’s Milestone at 2 Years Old

13 Months old

  • Exploring indoor playground (Sel Bistro) independently by crawling around. She liked the slides.

14 Months old

  • Able to kick ball
  • Able to carry bag
  • Able to use roller on dough
  • Shows desire to look pretty; when there’s new accessories or shoes, she would go to the full length mirror and “wowed” to herself

15 Months old

  • Able to pose for pictures
  • Able to hold the spoon and feed herself with Porridge
  • First hugged 2 year old cousin, Tiffany Yong
  • Collected her passport
16 Months old
  • Able to follow actions and simple instructions
  • Able to address her grandparents, uncles and aunties by their names
  • Able to say “no”, Please” and “Thank you”
  • Likes to ransack drawers, wardrobe and anything in front of her
  • Her first time-out area, playpen

17 Months old

  • Able to draw circle
  • Able to scoop items using a toy laddle
  • Able to follow movements and musis
  • Able to recognize characters in books
  • Able to understand what I read to her
  • Able to hold cup and drink on her own
  • Able to select Youtube app and knows how to choose, pause and play clips and goes back to previous page.
  • Loves Teletubbies and In the Night Garden
  • Shows interest in reading, she says “read”
  • First  3 syllabus word “Excellent”
  • First Staycation at St Regis

18 Months old

  • Loves Barney and excitedly she likes to called out “Barney”
  • Calls Winnie the Pooh, “Ah Pooh”
  • Able to do Happy, Evil and Sad facial expression when requested
  • Able to eat on her own without bib
  • Able to recognize Baby Enstein Flash Cards
  • Able to say various transports like “Bus”, “Train”, ‘Airplane”, “Car”, “Lorry
  • Able to say “Hot”, “Cold”, “Nice”, “I like”
  • Initiates to hold another toddler’s hands
  • Prepares Oat meal with my help in mixing hot water to the oat
  • In a shy manner, she initiates kisses on my cheek

19 Months old

  • Able to say “Where”, “How”, “Why”, “There”
  • Able to say the names of her grandparents and parents
  • Started Kinderland childcare at Marine Parade
  • Loves reading picture books and talking
  • Enjoys singing chinese songs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

20 Months old

  • Tends to repeat what she hears
  • Able to differentiate Shapes
  • Able to run
  • Able to tell me what she wants like “Eat Oat”, “Draw”, ‘Sticker”, “Puzzle” or “Toys”
  • Likes to climb up and down
  • Loves playground
  • Exposing her to Naughty Corner and she learnt to say “Sorry”

21 Months old

  • Likes to do puzzles
  • When I say “Naughty Corner”, she stops her naughty behaviour 9 out of 10 times
  • Watched her First Movie “Ice Age 4” at Marina Square
  • Racial Harmony at Kinderland
  • Started making sentences like “How come no more?”, “Where is it?”, “I want more”

22 Months old

  • Sings more chinese songs on her own
  • Loves to sing “Happy Birthday”
  • Reaches door knob and open the doors
  • Enjoys colouring & stickers
  • takes more of an interest in playing with other children
  • Likes to imitate adults at home

23 Months old

  • Loves Thomas more than Barney
  • Loves Stickers
  • Speaks more Mandarin
  • Sang 拔萝卜&  一二三四五六七,我的妈妈在哪里哦
  • Likes to Baby Einstein Discovery Cards Activity
  • Asked to be read everyday morning & night
  • Video Shy
  • Express herself verbally but most of the time only mummy S understands
  • Shows affection with kisses & hugs openly
  • Learning to Jump

24 Months old

  • Little CEO is resilient in assigning tasks to adults at home
  • Able to request for medicine when she is unwell
  • Able to convey her needs through body language
  • Able to express herself in sentences like “open door please”, “Can you help me?”
  • Able to sing “Happy Birthday” in Mandarin
  • Likes to play stimulative sticker books
  • Likes cutting and gluing acitivity
  • First Painting Experience
  • Loves to watch Thomas & “Three Little Pigs” on youtube
  • Better at Colours & Shapes
  • Initiates to help packing up toys & books
  • Shows interest in cleaning activities
  • Celebrated First Birthday Party at Kinderland
  • Three Birthday Parties
  • Received her first Thomas toys
  • Likes to tease Auntie Jasmine