Next monday we will be moving to my mum’s place till our new house is ready in November.


We need to do:

1) Packing
2) Buy take-away meals

This weekend gonna be real busy and I look forward to go my mum’s place to stay.

Our Designer

We have decided on our designer, Lourve Design. Wednesday evening was the day where Bret signed the contract at the office.


The director, Mervyn will be leading the project and Florence is the chief designer who will be assisting us.

We were advised to email pictures of my ideal home to Florence as she will be working on 3d pictures for our next meeting 🙂

Dream Home

Bret likes simplicity and space-maximising whereas I like something more than simplicity. Good thing is, my hubby is always willing to let me call the shots. But, I love him and would want to inculcate his ideas and preferences into our love nest.

For me, it is more meaningful to “design” our dream home together even if I can’t have my Fancy-Girly dream home.

Formula for Relationship

Caiyan shared this with me.

0.5 + 0.5 = 1

Which means.. in order for two to become one, we have to first “minus”change ourselves to be with another.

Totally agreed on this. We cannot change the other party but we can change ourselves to create magic and sparks.