Holiday for Me

Yoohoo! I am taking a month’s break from work and that means I have all the time to myself 🙂


I remember asking a fortune-teller if I will ever be a Tai Tai! (According to the Fortune Teller, its a common question from young ladies.)  The answer was, “Can but not really the typical Tai Tai”. Anyway, I asked for fun cos I cannot see myself shopping everyday. I need some work in my life.

The Brief Plan

Having a family commitment attached to my life now makes me treasure my free-time, a million times more. There are so much I want to do like going to the library as often(I am a happy bookworm), exploring places with my parents and Leia in the weekday afternoon… and fulfilling a list of good friends to meet and blog…..!

Work-Life Balance

Through my life experience, I found a growing desire for learning and challenges to better myself and do things that contribute to the society or the company that I worked in. Still very clear in my mind, I have this intrinsic satisfaction derived from working out strategies, designing effective business solutions and bringing smiles on my clients’ faces. The bonus was establishing meaningful friendships along the way.

As planned, I’ll be returning to my Financial Planning role somewhere in October or November. Something I told my clients as well as friends, before I left the industry for more focus on my family.


I am fortunate to have Bret who is working hard to make all the little dreams of mine coming true. Somehow he is able to differentiate what I really want from our casual conversations. Typically, men tends to filter when women are talking. In this context about my dreams, he listens and makes effort to accomplish my wish list. Thank you hubby 🙂

His Career

Without his thriving career, I would not be able to relax at home and blog now. Owe him one. I told him my next aim is to earn more than him. Haha.

Bret has built trusting relationships with the important people in his company and self-discovered strategies to bring his career to greater height. He has this unforgettable smile whenever I gave him my most sincere compliments about his achievements at work. It can be really easy to please men sometimes.. Maybe that is the thing about Husband’s ego and supportive wife.

But I know it is important to have an encouraging spouse and how I know?  Bret taught me that.

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