Hada Labo at Watsons

Have been shopping for skincare loot. Saving my SKII skincare for new house. My eyes love how my favourite skincare are displayed visibly at one place. That is none other than my bathroom.

So, meanwhile I am trying out Hada Labo. Available at Watsons.


Highly reccomended by my guy friend, Alvin. He always know whats best for skincare and he uses organic skincare now.

Will review my experience with hada labo again. So far so good.

Holiday for Me

Yoohoo! I am taking a month’s break from work and that means I have all the time to myself 🙂


I remember asking a fortune-teller if I will ever be a Tai Tai! (According to the Fortune Teller, its a common question from young ladies.)  The answer was, “Can but not really the typical Tai Tai”. Anyway, I asked for fun cos I cannot see myself shopping everyday. I need some work in my life.

The Brief Plan

Having a family commitment attached to my life now makes me treasure my free-time, a million times more. There are so much I want to do like going to the library as often(I am a happy bookworm), exploring places with my parents and Leia in the weekday afternoon… and fulfilling a list of good friends to meet and blog…..!

Work-Life Balance

Through my life experience, I found a growing desire for learning and challenges to better myself and do things that contribute to the society or the company that I worked in. Still very clear in my mind, I have this intrinsic satisfaction derived from working out strategies, designing effective business solutions and bringing smiles on my clients’ faces. The bonus was establishing meaningful friendships along the way.

As planned, I’ll be returning to my Financial Planning role somewhere in October or November. Something I told my clients as well as friends, before I left the industry for more focus on my family.


I am fortunate to have Bret who is working hard to make all the little dreams of mine coming true. Somehow he is able to differentiate what I really want from our casual conversations. Typically, men tends to filter when women are talking. In this context about my dreams, he listens and makes effort to accomplish my wish list. Thank you hubby 🙂

His Career

Without his thriving career, I would not be able to relax at home and blog now. Owe him one. I told him my next aim is to earn more than him. Haha.

Bret has built trusting relationships with the important people in his company and self-discovered strategies to bring his career to greater height. He has this unforgettable smile whenever I gave him my most sincere compliments about his achievements at work. It can be really easy to please men sometimes.. Maybe that is the thing about Husband’s ego and supportive wife.

But I know it is important to have an encouraging spouse and how I know?  Bret taught me that.

Millenia Walk with Best Friend Poh

Friday morning, I was enjoying yummy scone set at Cedele when best friend Poh asked me what I want to eat. I said “steak” and 2 hours later, we met for lunch at Millenia Walk.

There was the Lunch Set.

Beelian said everyone orders the outback special and so just order that.

We were first served with Bread and butter.

Then, soup. Beelian wasnt sure what was it and so was I. Tasted fine; reminded me of lobster bisque but its definitely not. Maybe pumpkin? Anyway, nice dip for the bread.

My craving arrived. Food brings joy; its universal thing.

We asked for medium-cooked steak and it is 6 onz of happiness for me. Simple presentation. Beelian feels the baked potato was lacking bacon bits. True true but I finished the potato. Must have been too hungry.

After our lunch, we went Harvey Norman to look at furnitures and everywhere I go now, my eyes are now more sensitive towards decor details.

Love the feel of this boutique.

And I can’t seem to find local companies that sell mirror furnitures… hmm

While I was trying to look for home ideas, Beelian was into bins. She need one in her kitchen. This friend here cost more than S$100 to collect trash at home.

As we looked further, I got to know Beelian fancy stainless steel stuffs. She gets real excited whenever we come acrossed big industrial-looking, stainless steel bins. Looking at the price tag for her shortlisted trash holders…Best Friend Poh is indeed my richest friend.

Impromtu Trip to National Library

On Wed, I drove my parents to pay a visit to my uncle in NUH. Our timing 11am seemed to be peak hours as the queue to enter carpark was unusally long 😩

National Library

After the visit, I asked to go bras basah area while my dad went rocher hawker center to buy his favourite ć±±çŒȘ肉. He dropped me at the National Library and I was enjoying the feeling of my favourite place. Basically it is anywhere with books.

With Leia in my priority, I always look for books on parenting and children’s collections.


Do you know you can borrow audio books, dvds and even iPads with your library card?

From Source: iPads and Playaways for loan at Bedok Public Library on 21 Jun 2012

Available for loan are 100 iPads, 100 TumbleBooks Playaways and 5 Kindles which users can borrow for two weeks. Parents with young children can loan the Playaways, which are hand held devices pre-loaded with animated picture books from the TumbleBooks Library collection. With the iPads, users can access NLB’s electronic resources (eResources) and choose from over 2.2 million eBooks as well as magazines and newspapers from around the world. They can also look up information in the 140 eDatabases including Factiva, which has content from over 35,000 online news and information sources.  

Borrowers of iPads will be required to attend a one-hour introductory workshop on technical aspects and accessing NLB’s eResources.


I have borrowed Elmo & Barney Dvds. That was how Leia fell in love with the purple dinosaur. But her current love is Thomas. Her crush on the train is so strong that I bought a Dvd for her.

Interior Design

Back to library, I walked to the Magazine Section and found these!


Wonderful for me to browse ideas on my dream home. Snapping ideas and consolidate for my designer. It was a quick browse as my parents and I need to pick my little girl.

Planning a Me-Time at library soon again.